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2020: September and November
2021: March, September and November


1.5 to 2 years


Campus 1
Tra Vinh University


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2021: $...

Application due dates:

We are currently accepting applications for this course.

The Master of Business Administration program is designed to provide students with the skills and competencies to meet managerial requirements in the field of business administration, both in the public and private sectors.

Learners are provided with specialized knowledge in an in-depth approach, related to organizational operations, strategic planning, finance, marketing, human resources, supply chain management, organizational behavior. The learners are also equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge, research competencies, analytical and planning capacities. In addition, learners are also equipped with the ability to work independently, creatively, detect and solve problems in the trained disciplines.

Graduates will be able to evaluate business strategies to create and develop strategies and visions and goals for the organization. The graduates can use these analytics to make innovations, optimize solutions and processes towards an integrated approach. Also, graduates are capable of self-research to pursue a higher qualification at the doctoral level.

Course Objectives

Graduates will acquire the following competences after completing the course:

  • Summarize knowledge about methodology, political institutions, laws and the impact of micro and macro economy in management (ELO1.1);
  • Systematize knowledge of scientific research methods, think systematically, analyze data and forecast socio-economic indicators (ELO1.2);
  • Systematize the knowledge of behavior, organizational culture, leadership styles and personnel management (ELO1.3);
  • Systematize organizational and business knowledge related to production, finance, marketing and business strategies (ELO2.1B);
  • Synthesize other complementary management knowledge in receiving and processing information in a dynamic business environment (ELO2.2B);
  • Apply data analysis methods, select economic models in evaluating and proposing solutions for organizations (ELO3.1);
  • Apply leadership, negotiation, persuasion and other complementary skills in operating and managing organizations (ELO3.2);
  • Use English in communication, document research and unit management activities (ELO3.3);
  • Assess the impact of the business environment on the operation of companies and take adaptive action plans (ELO4.1B);
  • Analyze financial indicators for management and decision-making process (ELO4.2B);
  • Practice and apply advanced technical solutions in governance and image building for companies (ELO4.3B);
  • Adapt to the working environment of the organization and the social context in the integration trend (ELO5.1);
  • Desire for lifelong learning, community service spirit and international integration (ELO5.2);
  • Develop initiatives, conduct assessments and draw expert conclusions in the field of expertise (ELO5.3);

Master of Business Administration graduates will be capable to take leadership positions at enterprises, state agencies, research institutes and international economic organizations.

Career progression toward senior management roles that may include:

  • chief executive officer
  • chief information officer
  • marketing/communications director
  • human resources director

Graduates may also continue their education as:

  • researchers and lecturers at educational institutes
  • pursuing doctoral degrees

To attain the Master of Business Administration, students will be required to complete 60 credits consisting of:

> 35 credits (core units: 28 credits, and selective units: 18 credits)
> 25 credits (thesis)

Course structure and units

General knowledge (Core units)
1. Philosophy
Unit code: QKT-E501| Credits: 4
2. Academic English
Unit code: QKE-E502| Credits: 2

Foundation knowledge (Core units)
3. Research Methodology
Unit code: QKM-E503| Credits: 2
4. Application of Economics in management
Unit code: QKA-E504| Credits: 3

Foundation knowledge (Selective units: Students can select 2 of the following units)
5. Risk and change management
Unit code: QKR-E505| Credits: 3
6. Project management
Unit code: QKP-E506| Credits: 3
7. Economics and Regional management
Unit code: QKL-E507| Credits: 3

Specialized knowledge (Core units)
8. Business Operation and Management
Unit code: QKO-E508| Credits: 3
9. Strategies for Innovation and Integration
Unit code: QKS-E509| Credits: 3

Specialized knowledge (Selective units: Students can select 4 of the following units)
10. Business Simulation games
Unit code: QKG-E510| Credits: 3
11. Corporate finance management
Unit code: QKF-E511| Credits: 3
12. Human resource and organizational management
Unit code: QKH-E512| Credits: 3
13. Research in Business
Unit code: QKB-E513| Credits: 3
14. Quantitative analysis
Unit code: QKQ-E514 | Credits: 3
15. International business administration
Unit code: QKI-E515| Credits: 3

Unit code: QKD-E516| Credits: 25


Entry requirements include:

  • Group 1: Completion of a Bachelor degree in Business Administration
  • Group 2: Completion of a Bachelor degree in a similar discipline, including: Marketing, International Trade, Commerce, Human Resource Management, Industrial Management, Trade and Management.

Tra Vinh University provides International students with special admission in which we assess your education, work and other relevant experience. International students from non-English speaking countries shall meet the English language requirements.

Application forms and procedures

mba 2020

You need to provide evidence that you have completed an approved English language test, not more than two years prior to commencing your studies at Tra Vinh University.
We accept test scores from these four English competency testing systems:
> IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) OR
> TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language) OR
> PTE Academic (the Pearson Test of English Academic) OR
> Cambridge Academic English (advanced) OR
> The 6-level English language competence framework for Viet Nam

Where you have more than one proof of English proficiency, only the most recent qualification and score will be considered.
Generally, to study for a postgraduate qualification, you must have at least:
> an overall academic IELTS score of 5.5 and no band less than 5.0
> a TOEFL score of 80 on the internet-based test with a writing score of 20
> an overall PTE Academic score of 50 with no communicative skills score less than 40
> a Cambridge Academic English (advanced) overall score of 160 with no bands less than 155
> Level 4 in the English language competence framework for Viet Nam
If you have already completed some of your previous qualifications in English, we will not require any IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic or Cambridge Academic English (advanced) scores from you.

How to apply

We are currently accepting applications for this course.
Methods of applying:
International students can apply directly to Tra Vinh University using our online application system(*) , or apply through an education agent.

If you have questions about your application, you can:
- Speak to a staff member. Phone +84 34 79 79 983 and follow the prompts
- Send an email to
(*) Shall we develop the online application form for international students?