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          Develop teaching curriculums and plans, organize the training and provide other courses in the University’s teaching plan;

         Organize the scienticfic and technological activities; actively deploy international cooperation projects; in partnership with other scienticfic and technological institutions to ensure the linkage between teaching and research, business production and social life;

         Manage the school’s lectures, teachers and students;

       In conjunction with employers, enterprises, producers and labours, conduct regular need assessments to ensure practical training programs which better meets the needs of employers, manage the training quality, content and methodologies and scientific research;

        Compile training programs and materials; continuously search for improved training and learning methodologies; propose plans to modify and maintan teaching facilities, lab facilities for experiment and research;

       Develop plans and provide training to improve political thoughts and ethical lifestyles of lecturers, teachers, staff and students; provide training to improve professional qualifications of the School’s lecturers, teachers, staff;

         Safely and efficiently manage and utilize physical and technical facilities of the School;

      In partnership with other schools and departments to develop and upgrade the University, develop and maintain linkages with society, employers, and other partners, both local and international, to increase the reputation and position of the University.

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